Due to the scope and scale of our business Keswick painters and decorators are able to offer a wide range of services to our clients. Here are just a few of the painting services we can offer to help turn your dreams into reality.

  • Complete interior decoration
  • Paper hanging
  • Coving and ceiling rose installation
  • Woodcare and wood staining
  • Exterior wood and metal work
  • Safely working at height using scaffolding and cherrypickers
  • Painting the exterior of homes and large industrial units

Please see below for a more comprehensive breakdown of the various services we can provide.

Interior Decorating

We undertake all aspects of interior decorating and pride ourselves on delivering great results every time. From freshly plastered walls to hundred year old floorboards, each surface presents its own unique set of considerations to take into account.

In the field of painting and decorating, 'preparation is king!'. This can not be emphasised enough when attempting to get the best out of any surface, any "painters' who skip or skim over these important stages in the process are clearly in the wrong profession. Inexperienced painters can often overlook important steps such as knotting and priming new woodwork for example. This means that they will never get the lasting finish that a bit of knowledge and experience can bring.

We are also more than happy to provide advice on types of paint to use (such as vinyl v's contract, matt v's silk, water based v's oil based etc), how to make the most out of the light that enters a room, using colour schemes to create a mood and the feeling of space and much more. Simply phone or email to discuss your requirements and we will provide all the advice we can without charging you a single penny!

From walls to windows, skirtings to stairs, spraying furniture to hanging designer vinyl wallpaper, we've got it covered! (did you see what we did there?)

Please feel free to have a look through our gallery to see some examples of our work.

Exterior Decorating

We are highly skilled and experienced with painting the exterior of all sorts of buildings from apartment blocks to mansions, swimming pools to restaurants, industrial units to beautiful holiday cottages we have literally done them all (see the gallery for evidence!)

Weather it be using a brush and roller or using one of our fantastic ' Graco ' airless spray machines, time after time, we have transformed tired looking old buildings into sharp looking properties within days of starting a job.

However, it is not as straight forward as it may sometimes look and there are a whole host of considerations to take into account when painting the outside of buildings. Number one being.....the weather!! No matter how well you plan and prepare for starting to paint the exterior of a building the weather has always and will always throw something unexpected into the mix. Most of the team here at Keswick painters and decorators are true Keswickians so we are use to reading the weather conditions like only locals can so rest assured you are in safe hands.

Accessibility is another major factor when painting the outside of buildings as it often requires the team working safely at height. This sometimes involves us using our own aluminium tower scaffold, hiring a cherry picker from our friends at Metcalfs or drafting in the team from Keswick Scaffolding Services to erect a more robust scaffold. Whatever the circumstances we will endeavour to make sure the job is done in the safest most cost effective manner every time.

Commercial Painting/ Spray painting

Commercial painting projects come with a whole array of demands. The main goal is to get the job done while causing as little disruption to trade as possible. We are highly experienced in these matters and are very sensitive to the needs of your business when carrying out this type of work. We are more than willing to work out of the standard business hours necessary to get the job done. Whatever the needs of your business, we are happy and willing to discuss all the available options to achieve the desired results within the designated budget and timeframe. Please browse our gallery to see some examples of the local businesses that we have helped to transform.

As previously mentioned, our spray machines allow us to tackle even the biggest painting contracts with gusto. We are able to spray out apartment blocks, new builds, extensions, renovations, insides, outsides and everything in between. This is one of the main reasons that we secure many of the larger jobs in the area as the speed at which an empty building or business can be sprayed out is something which has to be witnessed to be believed. Our contractors have vast experience with these high grade airless spray machines and use the best breathing equipment we can find.


When painting a domestic dwelling, we do our very best to ensure that the project has as little impact on the clients home as possible. We strive to acheive fantastic results without disrupting your daily routine and always treat your property and belongings with upmost respect. We always ensure that everything is protected with dust sheets and do our very best to maintain a clean, tidy working environment at all times. Please read our testimonials to see what our customers say.

Holiday Cottages

With the advent of online review platforms such as trip advisor  and Yelp , it has never been so important to keep your customers happy. This is compounded for holiday cottage owners by organisations such as visit England who come around and assess your premises. Properties are either awarded stars or penalised. The quality of the decoration is obviously a significant factor in this process. This has led to a significant rise in the demand for our services in and around Keswick.

We are often called by the local holiday cottage companies such as ' Sally's Cottages ' who choose our services over those of our competitors as they are fully aware that we have the skills and manpower to complete this type of work to a high standard quickly and efficiently.

Whether it be an eight bedroomed mansion in Lorton valley or a modest two bedroomed property in the centre of town, we have the skills and expertise to completely transform your property.

Buy to Let

As with Holiday Cottages, buy to let properties have their own special requirements. In our experience most buy to let owners are looking to get the job done quickly and efficiently with the minimal amount of hassle. There is also another very important factor to add and that is 'trust'. You have to be able to trust an organisation to take the reigns of a project and complete it, on time, with the minimal amount of fuss.

We fully understand that many buy to let owners live many miles away and want a reputable company they can trust so they don't have to worry about security etc. This is why many of the local lettings agents in the area such as ' Edwin Thompson  choose Keswick painters and decorators to do the work. We are an established company with our own dedicated offices based in the centre of Keswick so that we are always contactable and on hand to answer any queries.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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